Top 15 Best Whiskey Decanter Set-2020

We all have that one friend or colleague who is just crazy about whiskey and drinks. These are the people who have philosophical views about whiskey. They knew every little thing about the different types of whiskey to be it Malts or blended or grain and many others they love to drink.

Whiskey is like a tradition to them; they follow it as a religion. Few of us even store the most expensive aged whiskey. “The better the age, the better the taste.” To contain whiskey, people use a lead-crystal glass of different shapes and sizes known as Decanters. They are perfect for your health.

To keep your whiskey safe, you should buy the best quality decanters. But to choose a decanter set is an intimidating task, and people get confused between different varieties. So, we have decided to review the top 15 best whiskey decanter set to grab. Read our content to choose the best decanter set for yourself.

Key Features

  • Etched Globe Design
  • Mahogany Stained tray
  • It comes with an antique ship in the globe
  • Decanter capacity 850 ml
  • Comes with two old fashioned
  • whiskey glass
  • Elegant design
  • High-quality stand
  • Overall well designed
  • Globe glass is bit thin

Goldinger is a US-based company that specializes in handcrafted giftware since 1973. This Goldinger globe etched decanter set in one of the most elegant and classy decanters available in the market.

The globe decanter has a capacity of 850ml drink. The globe has an antique ship in it, which is such a pleasure to the eye.

 It has a solid stand and mahogany stained tray, which has space for two glass. The decanter set comes with two old fashioned whiskey glasses.

To add a more elegant touch, it has a Gold stopper, which keeps your drink sealed and healthy. The globe decanter set weighs 3.35 pounds, and the size of a decanter is 15 x 11.1 x 8 inches.

Undoubtedly having Goldinger at your place will surely enhance your impression and look more classy.

Key Features

  • Starburst Diamond cut decanter
  • Classy ornate stopper
  • Lead-free whiskey glasses
  • Decanter capacity 33.75 oz
  • It comes with six whiskey glasses
  • Tight stopper drink doesn’t
  • leak easily
  • Easy to pour
  • Decanter made of high-quality
  • glass.
  • The stopper is made of
  • low-quality material

If you want to have a starburst shiny glass decanter, then Paksh Novelty Italian crafted decanter set is for you. The decanter set has Shiny diamond cutting elegance design. It has a beveled fluted ornate stopper. It comes with six beautiful glasses.

The capacity of a decanter is 33.75 oz, and each glass has 9.5Oz liquid capacity. Decanter set has matching glasses that are beautifully crafted in an old fashioned way.

These kinds of decanters are best for your home and office. It will add class to your barware if you have a small family get to gather or a retirement party of your colleague. In such an event, this decanter adds stylish appearance to your party.

The weight of the decanter is 2.01 pounds, and it has a dimension of 11.8 x 11.3 x 5.6 inches. This decanter set is perfect for alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

Key Features

  • European timeless design with bold style
  • 100% lead- free glass
  • Boldly cut glasses design
  • Decanter capacity 33.75 oz
  • Designed with exceptional craft
  • Comes with six lovely cocktail
  • glasses
  • Useful for maintaining drink
  • temperature
  • Glasses have a heavy, strong
  • base.
  • Stopper made with plastic
  • The stopper is not air-tight
  • Little Fragile

If you are thinking of building a small bar at your home. Then the complete set of James Scott Italian Decanter Set can be an impressive display piece for your barware. Made in Italy with a refined, bold design decanter set comes with six glasses.

The lavish decanter has a capacity of 33.75 oz perfect for storing any alcoholic drink. The lead-free glasses can store 9.5oz of Drink. The bottom of the glasses are thick, and it is easy to pour the liquid. On someone’s special day, you can gift this Italian designed decanter set. It’s etched designed give ergonomic grip.

James scoot decanter set is safe to use in dishwasher. The ultra-clear glass ensures you maintain the temperature of your whiskey. It weighs 6.49 pounds and has a size of

11.5 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches. Not for just gift event, You can treat yourself by purchasing this beautiful decanter set and make your barware impressive.

Key Features

  • Made with heat resistance quality borosilicate glass
  • Unique Stormtrooper head design
  • Decanter capacity 700 ml.3 inches.
  • HIgh quality material
  • Transparent creatve design
  • Made wih Borosilicate Glass
  • Does not comes with any glasses

Key Features

  • Strong wooden stand
  • World mapped etched set
  • Antique ship inside globe
  • Decanter capacity 850ml
  • Modern etched design
  • Glassware is entirely Lead-free.
  • Comes with pouring bar-funnel
  • Silicone -glass stopper
  • The stand has space of only three glasses.

Most of the decanter has a plastic stopper but KemStood decanter has a silicone-glass stopper. The luxurious design of decanter is eye catching. The globe etched design has an antique ship in it. This decanter can store up to 850ml liquor.

Decanter set includes 4 glasses. There is world map on each glasses. The capacity of each glass is 9.5 Oz. They are well kept on strong wooden stand. It is known as universal alcohol set can be used for scotch, rum, or any other kind of beverages.

Glassware of bourbon and glasses are 100 lead free are made of highest quality.The weight of package is 5.4 pounds and its dimension of 17 x 13.5 x 8 inches.

Key Features

  • Comes with 4 glass and 1 bourbon
  • Liquor dispenser
  • Easy comfortable grief
  • Decanter capacity 850 ml
  • Royal design
  • Non-toxic glass
  • Best to preserve whiskey
  • Perfect size glasses
  • 100 % lead-free glass
  • Do not have a silicone seal.
  • Sometime stopper wobbles

Real trunk whiskey decanter set comes in a beautiful gift box, which will give you instant WOW Feeling.

The package includes one bourbon and four glass with liquor dispensers. The bourbon can store up to 850ml liquor. This rich decanter set will look classy in your barware.           

The glasses are made with entirely non-toxic material. Glasses are broad. You can quickly put an ice-cube in it. The decanter set s built with glorious craftsmanship and is quite luxurious.

The stopper of this set is also made of glass. You can preserve your liquor in it for a long time.

The weight of the package is 8.95 pounds, and its size is 13.9 x 12.3 x 5.4 inches. The unveiling of the bourbon decanter set from an ostentatious packaging is bound to impress and make a perfect gift for Christmas, birthday gifts, wedding party, or any other occasion.

Key Features

  • Classy M16 Gun design
  • Mahogany stained stand
  • Crafted 2 whiskey glasses
  • Decanter capacity 1000 ml
  • Unique and antique design
  • Strong holding stand
  • Comes with two whiskey glasses
  • The capacity of each glass 300 ml
  • Little difficult pour liquor in the glass
  • Large in size

If you have someone in life that always chooses antique pieces for themself, well, to impress them, you can gift this Goldinger rifle gun whiskey set. It is crafted in a Gun design.

Those who are familiar with guns will know that this whiskey decanter is shaped in an M16 rifle. And it comes with old fashioned whiskey glasses. Having this decanter set will enhance your drinking experience.

Rifle gun decanter has a capacity of 1000 ml of any liquor. The gun is well attached to a mahogany stand. It has space for two glasses on either side of the position. It is well sealed with crystal stopper. It will keep your whiskey healthy.

The weight of the decanter set is  6.67 pounds and has a dimension of 17.5 x 13.5 x 7.9 inches.

This Decanter will surely make your barware posh and bold.

Key Features

  • Timeless wedge cutting design
  • Italian Crafted design
  • Dishwasher and Freezer safe
  • Decanter capacity 30 Oz
  • Elegant glassware
  • Comes with four whiskey glass
  • Perfect for scotch lover
  • Use ultra clarity glass.
  • Loose stopper

Compliment your home bar with classy diamond and wedge cut Elidomc decanter whiskey glass set.

Set includes one decanter and a total of four ultra-clarity lead-free glass. The capacity of glass is 11 Oz with a 3.6” height. You can quickly put an ice-ball into these glasses.These glasses are made with lead-free crystal, which will keep your drink safe and maintain the temperature of whiskey.

The robust and chubby design has a thick base that can safely maintain your liquor. While purchasing, this set comes in an exotic magnetic box. For sure, you’ll be amazed to see a gift box.

Elidomc decanter set is dishwasher safe and frezzer safe. Still, we recommend you to wash it with your hand. The weight of the whole set is 8.35 pounds, and its dimension is 13.6 x 12.6 x 4.6 inches.

This is a perfect gift for your father figure person. They will surely love it.

Key Features

  • Antique Skull Design
  • Wooden display stand
  • Matching skull glasses
  • Decanter capacity 850 ml
  • Unforgettable impressive design
  • Comes with two glasses
  • Handcrafted design
  • Good quality decanter
  • Glass material is too thin
  • Handle with care

If your partner is into a medical field, then this will be a perfect gift for them. The decanter is designed as a human skull. Not just the decanter, even the two glasses also have the shape of a human skull.

It is one of the best handcrafted designed by well known Goldinger company. The decanter can store up to 850ml of any liquor, whereas the glass with this decanter is short and can store only 100 ml liquor.

Well, if you are looking for antique glasses, then you have to compromise with capacity.

The decanter and glass are well fitted on a dark wooden display stand. The dimension of the product is
13.2 x 9 x 6.6 inches, and it weighs only 2.95 pounds.

If You are looking for an alternative to metal or steel whiskey set, then this is the best for you.

Key Features

  • Art Deco High-quality European design
  • Generous capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Decanter capacity 27 Oz
  • Comes with four durable glasses
  • 300 ml old fashioned glasses
  • Posh gift design
  • Beautiful and durable
  • Not Identified

Maketh the man sophisticated premium quality decanter set is made with a European design known as Art deco. The decanter looks so vibrant and has a bold impression. It has a crystal glass stopper and easy to pour liquor.

The decanter can store up to 27 Oz liquor. Decanter set has a total of 4 glasses, and even their design is the same as decanter. You can pour up to 300ml alcohol in the glass. The glass has a thick base and trendy look. Decanter is 11” tall and glass is 4” tall. It makes perfect duo for any whiskey lover.

The premium set comes in a phenomenal gift packing. Even the gift material is rich in quality. The weight of overall packaging is 11.25 pounds and has a dimension of 14.7 x 12.2 x 5.9 inches

Overall if you are looking perfect anniversary gift, then go for this decanter set.

Key Features

  • Detail texturing and sparkle reflection
  • 5 pieces set
  • Solid base design
  • Decanter capacity:25 Oz
  • Rich and elegant design
  • Comes with four old fashioned cocktail glass
  • Lead-free crystal material
  • traditional style crafted
  • Cloudy glasses

A trademark Kanaras is well known for quality assurance and excellent craftsmanship. This Kanaras whiskey decanter set is rich and deluxe in looking.

The decanter can hold 25 oz of any liquor. The decanter is designed as diamond-like texture detailing and excellent refraction. This decanter will sparkle like a diamond in full light with its elegant design.

It comes with four classic scotch glasses. This glass is made traditionally and has a thick and robust base. This glasses can have 10 Oz liquor and has a unique design like a decanter

This decanter set is perfect for gifting your boss or any senior college. It weighs only 9.65 pounds and has a dimension of 15.2 x 13.2 x 6.2 inches.

Key Features

  • 1250 Decanter capacity
  • Wooden stand with Barrel ship
  • Stainless steel faucet
  • Glass stopper
  • Excellent handcrafted design
  • Leakproof and rust-resistant faucet
  • Steady whiskey decanter stand
  • Fully dishwasher safe
  • Not identified

You Ever imagined drinking whiskey from a faucet or tap! Well, it is possible with the help of the Jilimo barrel ship whiskey decanter set. Its design is quite attractive and unimaginable.

The decanter is designed like a barrel ship with having a faucet at the bottom. You can quickly pour whiskey into the glass through this faucet. The ship is placed on a wooden stand. The wooden stand is fully detachable and helps you to put a ship on it. The faucet is made of stainless steel, which is rustproof and leak proof.

The capacity of the decanter is high compare to others. It can store 1250 ml of any beverages.  Two crystal clear whiskey glasses are included in the package. This glass is made of lead-free glassware. The capacity of each lens glass is 12 oZ.

The weight of the product is 6.35 pounds, and its size is 17.7 x 6.9 x 11.8 inches. Having this decanter set will plainly distinguish your bar from others. It is one of the most impressive designed decanter set.

Key Features

  • Wooden airplane design
  • Etched globe design decanter with an airplane
  • Decanter capacity 850 ml
  • Bold attractive
  • design
  • Comes with two globe matching glass
  • Handcrafted wooden airplane design
  • Lightweight
  • Riskey to keep globe on top of an airplane
  • Uneven propeller

Owning  Godinger Whiskey Decanter Airplane Globe Set in the bottle will undoubtedly enhance your drinking experience. And it will surely make a bold impression.

The set includes globe whiskey decanter with two matching globe design old f whiskey glasses. This is well fitted onto a mahogany stained wooden airplane stand.

It has a Gold stopper, which adds a luxurious touch of class while keeping your whiskey sealed.

The decanter is Lead-free. And its capacity is 850ml. The Cocktail of whiskey glass is 300ml.

It weighs  2.79 pounds, and its dimension is  15.3 x 14.6 x 6.5 inches. It is the best gift for any occasion.

Key Features

  • Whiskey recipes book
  • Chilling sphere
  • Beautiful craftmanship
  • Decanter capacity 23 oZ
  • Well refined glassware
  • Unique and attractive gift pack
  • Heay and thick bottom
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Small decanter compared to others
  • Product made in china

Make your home bar attractive with this beautifull100% lead-free Nou living Whiskey Decanter Set. It comes with stainless steel Chilling Spheres and a whiskey recipe book for you.

The package contains;

  • 1 Diamond cutting decanter
  • Six lead-free glasses
  • 6 Stainless steel chilling sphere
  • 1 Recipe book

The decanter has a capacity of 23 oZ of liquor, and the glasses can store ten oZ of drink.  The weight of the product is 12.02 pounds, and its dimension is  17.5 x 13.5 x 5.2 inches.

Key Features

  • Airtight Geometric Stopper
  • Thick and luminous Italian crafted design
  • Easily preserve your drink
  • Decanter capacity 23.75 oz
  • Can be used to preserve wine and other liquor
  • Best controlled hand grief
  • Weighted base with a flat base
  • Fully Fitted stopper
  • Stopper material is low quality
  • Hard to pour liquor

This beautiful Paksh capitol glass decanter has a capacity of 23.75oz of Whiskey.

The Container has an airtight stopper. It can store more than just wine, whiskey, brandy, and other libations.

The decanter is very easy and comfortable to hold. It is beautifully crafted with Italian design

The weight of the decanter is 3.35 pounds, and its dimension is  11.1 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches.

Some facts about Whiskey


When we talk about whiskey, the first thing everybody should learn is that there is two correct spelling of with the ‘e’ and one without ‘e.’ Geographically the Scotts and Canadian spell wisky without ‘e.’   Whereas The Irish and Americans spell as whiskey with ‘e.’ With this, everyone has their different religious beliefs. These things make whiskey such a cheerful spirit.


It is meant to be believed that the Irish were first to make whiskey. But as a part of the controversy, even Scotts also have claimed that they were first to make whiskey. To describe whiskey Irish used the term “uisce beatha,” which means water of life in Gaelic.

How whiskey is made?

Every region has different methods to make whiskey

Mostly Whisky is made from cereal. Some of or all of the corn been malted first, then that has been crushed into a coarse flour. The coarse flour is mashed by passing hot water through the flour to extract a sweet liquid.

After extraction of sweet liquid, it is cooled. Then yeast is added to the mixture ferments. Now, this mixture will turn into a crude beer. This homemade liquor is distilled in a pot or a column still. As we know, alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water. Slowly the alcohol vapors are released first. These are condensed into a bright clear, strong spirit that is then aged in oak casks. This is aged for a minimum of three years.

Final Takedown

We can say that each and every whiskey decanter has its own benefits and beauty. Mostly these decanters are used as a gift to others. So choose wisely according to a person’s interest.

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