Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool- 2020

During the weekends, especially in summer, you will love to spend quality time with your friends and family at your place. Spending time with them will enhance your mental health and the connection between your loved ones.

The best thing in summer to have is your swimming pool in the backyard for relaxing. Not everyone can afford to have big concrete pools. The best alternative to this is above ground pools. They are easy to set up and portable.

The in-ground concrete pools are costly, and it takes time to build those swimming pools. If your budget is low and doesn’t have enough space for inground pools, you can buy the best above ground pool.

When buying or selecting above ground pools, you need to know specific parameters and size of these pools. If you fail to purchase perfect pools, surely it will ruin your weekends.

So here is our complete guide to choosing the best above ground pools. Our goal is to help you with choosing cheap and most durable pools. Read this comprehensive guide so you can save your money, space, and time for above ground pools.

What will you read in this guide?

  • Top 10 best above ground pools
  • Pros and cons of each pool
  • Specifications of each pool
  • How to install a complete pool
Best Above Ground pool Bestway Hot Tub, Miami (4-person), Black
  • Size:12 Foot x 30 Inch
  • Water capacity:177 gallon
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Best Above Ground pool Intex 28210EH 12 Foot x 30 Inch Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • Size:12 Foot x 30 Inch
  • Water capacity:1,718 gallons
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Best Above Ground pool Intex 86" x 59" x 23" Rectangular Frame Above Ground Baby Splash Pool
  • Size:86 x 59 x 23 Inch
  • Water capacity: 450 gallons
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Best Above Ground pool Bestway 8.5ft x 5.6ft x 2ft Steel Pro Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • Size: 8.5 x 5.6 x 2 feet
  • Water capacity:608 gallons
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Best Above Ground pool Intex 12' x 30" Metal Frame Set Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • Size:12 x 2.5 Foot
  • Water capacity:1718 gallon
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Best Above Ground pool Summer Waves Quick Set Ring Above Ground Pool
  • Size:12ft x 36 inches
  • Water capacity:1,815 gallons
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Best Above Ground pool Intex Prism Frame Above-Ground Swimming Pool
  • Size:10 Feet x 30 Inches
  • Water capacity:1,815 gallons
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Best Above Ground pool Blue Wave Belize Top Rail Metal Wall Swimming pool
  • Size:18-Feet Round 52-Inch
  • Water capacity:5310gallons
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Best Above Ground pool Coleman-22-x52-Power-Steel- Frame Above-Ground Swimming Pool set
  • Size:22 foot x 52-Inch
  • Water capacity:5310gallons
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Best Above Ground pool FItmax iPool 3
  • Size:7’X10’x54''
  • Water capacity:2310 gallons
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Key Features

  • Size: : 12 Foot x 30 Inch 
  • Weight: 53.9 pounds
  • Person capacity: 4
  • Water capacity: 177 gallon
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Water heating and bubble massage
  • Strong build
  • Chemical-free and safe water
  • Built with puncture-resistant tri-tech material
  • No jet, only bubbles
  • Take times to heat.

If you are having space restrictions and searching for a smaller inflatable above the ground hot pool for your family, then the Miami hot tub spa is just the one for you. This is perfect for 2 people, but 4 people can fit comfortably, however, this is best for 2 adults and 2 children.

This hot tub is very easy to set up. You do not need any special tools or any specialist to set up this pool. When the package arrives open, you will see all the steps clearly to set up this pool. And If you still having difficulty to set up, then there is a DVD in the package. Just play the DVD and see all the necessary steps and follow carefully.

Once the set up is done, there is a pump in the package to inflate quickly. With the help of this pump, inflate the tub. Now all you need to do is pour some water into the can easily do it with pipe or tap and even with a bucket. This pool requires around 170-gallon water.

If you are using it in summer, then you do not need to heat water. But if it is winter season, then put this filled tub for around 9-10 hours to heat and enjoy a soothing spa experience at your home.

Key Features

  • Size: : 12 Foot x 30 Inch
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • Person capacity: 6
  • Water capacity: 1,718 gallons
  • Water capacity: 1,718 gallons
  • PROS:
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • perfect size for backyard
  • The drain plug to
  • drain water
  • more durable compared to inflatable tubs
  • Does not include Pump

Want to have some great fun in the hot summer under the bright sun. Then your backyard should have a durable swimming pool.  IF you are 6-7 persons for a party, then you can buy Set 12foot x 30inches Round Pool from Intex. It has a Metal Frame, and it’s easy to setup.

The height of this pool 2.5 feet (30 inches), your kids will love this pool they can comfortably splash into the water at this height. After acquiring this pool, your Kids do not have to go to local pools near your home. The diameter of this fool is 12 feet effortlessly comfortable for 6 persons.

30 Inches is an excellent height to jump into the water, while kids are jumping always supervise your children for will enjoy seeing your kids having this much fun at the backyard.

This Pool Is built with Metal Frame, which lasts for a long time. The side walls are made of plastic having 2 layers of heavy-duty PVC plastic. This material is not even affected by Oil, salt, or any gasoline chemical.

Even more, sunlight will not cause any damage to the pool. It is highly restrained. This makes this pool very stable.

This pool is not costly and easy-to-set-up. It will take around 30 minutes to set up this pool.

When you are done with swimming and fun, remove the water drain plus. This will empty your pool. To set up this pool, you will require even a ground surface.

Key Features

  • Size:  86 x 59 x 23 Inch
  • Weight: 32.6 pounds
  • Person capacity: 4
  • Water capacity: 450 gallons
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Durable steel frames
  • Reinforced laminated sidewalls
  • Comes with the drain plug
  • Too small for Adults

If you are having toddlers or small pets like dog or cat.And they wants to have some fun In water then this intext 86 x 59 23 inches above ground pool is perfect for you. It require small space to set up and is best for small families.

You can easily set up this in less than 30 minutes and have some fun. The pool is supported by durable steel frames. This frams are strong and rust resistance.

The side walls of pools are super tough and laminated reinforced. This intex 86 x 59 x 23 inch pool can be great in house pool for relaxing. The design of pool is rectangular and it has convenient drain plug.After use you can easily remove water from pool using drain plug.

This 86 x 59 x 23-inch pool is a refreshing and relaxing backyard retreat for up to 6 people. It has a convenient drain plug that connects to any hose so that water can be drained away from your house and pool area.

The Water Capacity of this pool is 439 gallons and it is convenient for 4 people

Key Features

  • Size:  8.5 x 5.6 x 2 feet
  • Weight: 33.8 pounds
  • Person capacity: 7
  • Water capacity: 608 gallons
  • Rust proof metal frames
  • Easy to clean and set up
  • Strong side walls with 3
  • layers of materials
  • Built with Heavy duty PVC
  • Filter pump not included

This Bestway 8.5ft x 5.6ft x 2ft Steel Rectangular above ground Pool is a great size and perfect for families with 7-8 members and narrow spaces. It is deep enough so that children can swim into this.

One best thing about the rectangular pool is how quickly it is to set up. If you are 2-3 people, then it will hardly take 10 minutes to set up this pool.

The frame of this swimming pool is made by joining steel poles. With the help of ‘T’ connectors and ‘C’ clips, these are joined. This helps to stable the pool and create a rectangular shape above the ground.

To enjoy your summer, this rectangular splash is perfect. It also has a built-inflow control valve, which helps to drain water from the pool. The side frame of the family pool is Corrosion Resistant.

To have great fun, you do not need to have tools for setup. Read the instructions and build your swimming pool.

Key Features

  • Size:  12 x 2.5 Foot
  • Weight:66.5 pounds
  • Person capacity: 6 people
  • Water capacity: 1718 gallon
  • Metal framed Pools
  • More swimming area
  • Includes Pump and Cover
  • Fully Set up in 45 minutes
  • High chance of getting rust on a metal frame

The Intex 12′ X 30″ Metal Frame above-ground Swimming Pool comes with Filter Pump and pool covers. The flow rate of the filter pump is 50 gallons per hour. Cover keeps your pool dust free and clean.

Mostly steel framed pools are complicated to set up While this Intex above ground pool is easy to set up and durable. The cost of this pool is comparatively low.

Built with the Metal Frame Set, this Pool provides you years of family togetherness and enjoyment. It gives you more swimming space

Sidewalls of the pool are made with PVC material. This material is heavy, robust, and unaffected from other substances like oil and salt.

The 530 GPH Filter Pump can fill this pool easily and it is GFCI Protected. The flow rate of filter pump is around 2000 liter/hour.  To keep dust-free it comes with high quality covers. You can easily set up this pool by yourself. It will take around 15 minutes to assemble all the accessories.

The package includes a DVD for perfect assemble. The pool has a Drain plug with a garden hose adapter. This will help water to drain from the pool easily.

Key Features

  • Size:  12ft x 36 inches
  • Weight: 31.9 pounds
  • Person capacity: 4 people
  • Water capacity: 1,815 gallons
  • Includes the filter pump with GFCI
  • Inner mesh sidewalls
  • Used triple-layer polylaminate PVC
  • Easy for maintenance and set up
  • Covers Not include
  • Little but heavy

If you are thinking of buying a big above ground pool or inground pool, then we will suggest you try Summer Waves 12ft x 36in Above Ground Pool. It is small n size and can be your perfect first-time pool.

The pool is round in shape, and it has 12 feet of diameter, and the depth of the pool is 3 feet. You can set up this pool with ease. You won’t have any difficulty while doing maintenance work for this pool

The material That is used is a durable triple-layer polylaminate PVC. For the sidewalls, it has interior mesh polyester features. With such spec, you can enjoy this pool for a long time in any season.


The color of the pool is light gray, so it will not disturb your home décor and furniture.

The setup part is very easy. You just your place to put this pool. The surface should be even without dangerous stone that can puncture the swimming pool

After that, take out your pool and inflate it with the help of the RX600 filter pump. After fully set up, start pouring water into the pool and enjoys splash.

Key Features

  • Size:  10 Feet x 30 Inches
  • Weight: 40.9 pounds
  • Person capacity: 4 people
  • Water capacity: 1,815 gallons
  • Eye-catching Aesthetic Prism frame
  • Designed with steel tubing
  • Hard and tough design
  • Does not include Filter pump

The Intex 10 Feet x 30 Inches Prism Frame Above-Ground Pool is best for chilling in your backyard. Your summer days will be beautiful with this amazing pool. Even You can use it in public space too.

With a blue color and beautiful look, this pool is tough also. It has a fully rust-resistant steel frame. The sidewalls and other parts of the pool are made with tear-resistant material, which lasts for a long time.

It is easy to set up this pool. IF you are not comfortable to set up this pool. There is a DVD for this pool. You need to follow instruction, and your pool is ready for fun.

Key Features

  • Size: 18-Feet Round 52-Inch 
  • Weight: 350lb
  • Person capacity: up to 6 adults
  • Water capacity: 5310gallons
  • Includes a pump, a ladder, and a mouth skimmer
  • Steel walled
  • Easy to install
  • Includes 1.5 Hp pump
  • Require more time to set up
  • High priced

While purchasing your pool, if you have a high budget, then you should go for Blue Wave Belize 18-Feet Round 52-Inch above the ground swimming pool. It cost you approx more than 1000$.

It is designed to give you the best swimming pool experience. It comes with a full kit that required for the pool.

It includes a 1.5 Hp filter pump, Steel-walled, a ladder for climbing. It is heightened more compare to other swimming pools.

This pool is perfect for recreational activities, including water sports, pool parties, aqua exercise, swimming lessons, or just spending an afternoon relaxing on a pool float.

This pool has G-60 hot-dipped galvanized walls. This wall has multiple layers of protection. It gives the pool more strength and durability.

The package has A- framed ladder for climbing to the top. It also has a Sand filtration system, Which keeps poll clean and bright.

It is accessible to Setting up the pool, but You might require a professional person for this work due to its oversized and weight. The process of setting up is time consuming.


Key Features

  • Size : 22 foot  x  52-Inch 
  • Weight:  95.4 pounds
  • Person capacity: up to 6 adults
  • Water capacity: 5310gallons
  • Steel framed
  • More strength and durability
  • Has A- framed ladder
  • Filter pump included
  • Difficult to set up in the small backyard
  • Lengthy setting up process

The 22′ x 52″ Coleman Swimming Pool Place is your prime choice for families due to its superior steel frame design engineered for optimum strength and durability.

Additionally, It requires minimal-tool assembly, which makes this perfect for your backyard pool above a ground swimming pool. The package Included with the ground fabric to protect your lawn and pool a pool cover to keep dust out when the pool isn’t being used,

There is a ladder for entry and exit, which has A-framed in design. It also has a filter pump and a 2500-gallon pool pump to keep your water sparkling clean. Additional features are rust-resistant metallic frames along with a flow control drain valve for easy emptying.

With proper care, your Coleman Power Steel Pool will give your family members of summer swimming pleasure.

Coleman Power Steel package includes  22′ x 52″ Frame Swimming Pool Set, with Filter Pump, Ladder, Cover, and Maintenance Kit. 

Key Features

  • Size : 7’X10’x54” 
  • Weight:  140 pounds
  • Person capacity: 4 adults
  • Water capacity: 2310 gallons
  • Strong zinc-coated galvanized
  • material
  • Rafting materials used inside
  • walls
  • Includes 1000 gph filter
  • pump
  • It comes with a repair kit.
  • Very high price
  • Difficult to handle

The name FItmax iPool 3  of the pool is enough to give you a notion concerning the features it packs.

Fitmax iPool is similar to any different pool.  It is intended to allow a robust and improving exercise treatment, right within your pool.

You can place this up in only one hour and requires a place of only 6 square meters. All of us know the several benefits that swimming has to offer you. 

It is helpful to improve heart rate, build muscle tone, stabilize fat, and improve cardiovascular activity. With the Fitmax iPool, staying fit would go to yet another level.

 It brings the pure luxury of swimming along with excise therapy to a backyard. Even the Fitmax iPool comes with a strap that you could affix to a waist which permits you to practice your swimming pattern, without having to be concerned about the size of this pool.

If that isn’t sufficient, there are also jets which propel currents, making it feel as though swimming at the ocean.PVC coated substances ensure low maintenance costs and more durability.

All these are exceptionally reasonably priced and have attachments such as heaters, ladder, 2500 gph filter, and pump, floor sheet, repair kit, and also cover. The best part is you may make additions to your pool using Fitmax Pool Accessories, which makes it one of the best above ground pools. These can make your exercise session even more impactful.

Things to consider while buying Best above ground pool


This is an essential part of any above level pool. You need to find a comfortable location to install the pool. Space should be located near the open garden with a safety fence.

To pour water in your pool, you will need an electrical pump. So it should be located near the electrical box. Do not forget to maintain a safe distance from the electrical box

The surface should be even without any stones. It can lead to puncture your pool

So, you must evaluate the location before setting up a pool.


If you have an appropriate location for set up, the next major thing that you should consider is your budget for a pool. Your budget will decide which pool is perfect for you.

This pool has a wide range of prices. They can cost you from  100 $ to 2000$.

These prices depend upon their size and capacity.

Type, Shape, and depth of the pool

Now you have decided on your location and the cost of the pool. Now you should decide what type of pool you need?

There are three types of pools – steel, resin, and aluminum pools.

Among al Steel pools are the strongest and the cheapest. Modern-day every pool manufacturer used rust free and galvanized material for longer life. You can choose any of them according to your needs.

With material and type, you should consider the shape of the pool. Basically, above ground pools are available in 3 shapes.

  1. Round
  2. Oval
  3. square

According to your location, choose the best-shaped pool. It will aesthetically look beautiful at your backyard

Installation Process

Most of the pools are easy to set up, and you can do it by yourself. There are a few big pools. Due to its size, they require professional help to set up.

Why choose Above Ground?

An above-ground swimming pool, while still offering you the same pleasure as something that is built into your backyard, It costs far less to purchase and easy to install.

You aren’t digging up the yard, you’re not paying for contractors to pour a cement foundation, you do not need to cover someone to install non-slip surfacing around the exterior — and that’s all besides the expense of the swimming pool.

An above-ground pool is a portion of the price and it will not hurt your house’s resale value. Why? As you will still have an intact backyard — it is possible to uninstall the pool and take it with you when you proceed!

Above ground, pools are likewise not considered permanent structures, which means you won’t have to get a building permit or a planning permit. No waiting to get a green light to the job, you can buy and set it up.

At the same time, there is a fantastic variety of pools to select from when considering an above ground pool, so you can fit it to the surrounding landscaping — anything out of wooden, to metal frames, to”splasher pools” that are vinyl and durable.

What's the best above ground Pool to Purchase?

 The Type of above ground pool you purchase must depend on just what you’re looking for and what type of family you’ve got. Wooden pools tend to blend into the environment better and seem far less obtrusive than brightly colored constructions. They supply a natural sense and are relatively simple to set up.

Metal styled pools are the easiest to set up by the way, and they are incredibly durable. They are also quite flexible, but maybe more difficult to wash in the long run.

For households with small kids, splasher pools or plastic pools are the best options. They won’t survive as long, but they are definitely the most economical and can be replaced once the children get old — and even if you don’t need another pool once the kids grow from this, no problem! Just spend the pool, and they’re able to spend some time in the entire backyard!

Above ground pools come in a seemingly endless number of sizes and shapes, making it effortless to accommodate the demands of your family.

Each pool will probably need about the same quantity of regular maintenance, though, of course, a bigger pool will require a broader cleaning regime each season.

What Kind of Care Does it Require?

There are a lot of tasks that you’ll need to be prepared to undertake to look after your pool once it has been installed. By way of instance, you’ll need to keep an eye on the filtration method, since this is required to remove solids in water. After the filter is complete, you are going to want to clean it out and”backwash” the filter.

You will also need to vacuum clean out the pool at least once every few months during usage — or before utilizing it for the season — since it’s not strange for debris and dust to settle to the floor as time passes.

 Other activities include strengthening and conditioning the water from the swimming pool, which is done by first obtaining your calcium hardness and alkalinity levels in the water in equilibrium with the water pH, for safety reasons.

This enables the chlorine to work effectively. Which you will have to use this water to disinfect and sanitize the pool environment. Additionally, it will assist in restraining the growth of algae.

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