How to Survive a Heart Attack

How to Survive a Heart Attack,Symptoms of heart attacks in men,Essential steps to Surviving a Heart Attack,  Heart Attack

Overview and about a heart attack

One of the most frightening experience in human life is having a heart attack. Seeing someone suffering through a heart attack is unbearable. You must have seen a lot people going through this medical condition because every year million of people has a heart attack and they survive. In this article we will discuss about how to survive a heart attack .

The Most horrifying fact is that in every 43 seconds someone has a heart attack in the United States. Another Survey from medical science shows that in the past ten years around thousands of people died every year due to heart attack. Reason might be that they hesitated to call 911 or someone for help and couldn’t survive. From past few years hospitals and medical system have revolution for a better treatment of a heart attack . Even the ambulance has advanced medical technology to treat a heart attack victim. Due to this around 60% of heart attack victim survive, but still 40% could not make it to survive.

Symptoms of heart attacks in men and women

A heart attack is also called a myocardial infarction (MI).Heart attack is the most severe form of  ACS which is known as acute coronary syndrome. The death rate of heart attack victim is high because only 27% of people knew about the symptoms of a heart attack. It is very important to recognize it’s symptoms and prevention.

Here are the few early symptoms of a heart attack.

Chest pain

  • One of the most common symptoms of heart attack is having pain between chest. It will create discomfort in chest and my feel like squeezing, tightness ,pressure or an aching sensation.

Tiredness and Fatigue

  • Medical literature has proven record that most women feel tired and fatigued during a heart attack. This symptom also mostly found in People who is diagnosed with Diabetes.

Nausea,Heartburn, or Stomach Pain

  • Doctor says many people have these symptoms during a heart attack. Mainly women have more of these symptoms. Sometimes it is normal to have a nausea and stomach pain ,but these can be a heart attack symptoms .

Pain in arms

  • The pain that occurs in a chest mostly flow outward to body parts. Firstly the pain will spread in arms so this is common heart attack symptom.

Feeling of dizziness and lightheadedness

  • If a person does not eat or drink properly, it may lead him to dizziness and a feeling of headache. If with these symptoms someone has a chest in pain or arm or having shortness of breath,Then call a doctor a right away.These may lead you to heart attack.

Sweating and Jaw pain

  • If a person breaks out in a cold sweat for no obvious reason and experiencing pain in jaw,then it is a signal of a heart attack .

In general , If you think you have been affected by these symptoms you need to get medical emergency help as quickly as possible. Heart attack symptoms are vague so If you’re feeling fundamentally difference,Quickly get to your doctor. 

Essential steps to Surviving a Heart Attack

How to Survive a Heart Attack,Symptoms of heart attacks in men,Essential steps to Surviving a Heart Attack,  Heart Attack


Heart attack is always an emergency condition for anyone. So it’s better to know some survival against heart attack.

Call 911

 In any emergency like heart attack first thing to do is to call emergency services for help. Do not hesitate to call for help because every year, 40 % heart attack victim could not reach at the hospital in time and lost their lives. If you are with your family or neighbor or Spouse share your symptoms with them immediately And ask them to call 911.

Stay Calm

If heart attack happens and you are alone at that time stay calm. Stop whatever you are doing.Take yourself to safe place and rest then call emergency services.

Take Aspirin

During a heart attack, your blood got thick, so to prevent blood clotting take an aspirin It is the most commonly taken blood thinning medication in the world. By taking aspirin your survival of living will increase.

Stay still and do not exert yourself

Do not Apply pressure on chest

While victim is suffering through heart attack do not apply pressure on chest. Do this only after heart beat stops beating that too done by professional CPR person.

FAQ About  Heart Attack

  1. What are the chances of surviving a heart attack?

     ⇒ The Record from U.S. Health department suggests that, The rate of survival of a  heart attack outside the hospital is 6% of total cases.

       2Can you die instantly from a heart attack?

      ⇒ Always keep an aspirin at home or work place so whenever you have cardiac arrest chew or swallow an aspirin so that you can not die instantly

3. Can you survive a heart attack by coughing?

      ⇒ There is no such medical evidence to support this question so this is a totally irrelevent theory of surviving a heart attack.

         4. How long can you live after a heart attack?

  ⇒After a first attack a normal person can healthy life for a long, But a person above age of 45 years will have another attack in next time at this time chances of survival is too low. Do take your prescribed medication  on time to prevent another heart attack.




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