California Student Health Insurance

California Student Health Insurance

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Health Insurance and coverage for students in California

California, A western state of the United States has a population of 39.76 million as of 2018. California is known to be an international center of Education, Entertainment, Information and Technology studies. It boasts one of the biggest economies in the world.  Universities of California have established high quality and affordable programs for engineering and technologies as well as in any other studies. California is large in size so it allows students to choose any field of study for completing education.

Students from different states left their homes, loved ones and pets for schooling. They take care of everything but forget the most important thing that is their health insurance. Now in this article, we will discuss health insurance and coverage for students in California.

Why Do College Students Need Health Insurance?

Just imagine after your college, you are going home may be happy or sad. Somehow a drunk driver crashed a car on you and you had minor and major fractures. Can you imagine how much this accident will cause you? It will be a big financial burden on you. But if you are having student health insurance, then you just have to take care of your health nor about finance. This is why College students need health insurance.

Another good reason for having health insurance is The affordable care act 2014 which states Legel resident of America mandatory requires minimal health insurance. Those who are financially capable, but chose not to purchase health insurance would have to pay a  fine while filing their taxes.

However, As per update in law in 2019, The Government of the United State will no longer enforce individual to have health insurance. But most of the universities in California require students to have health insurance. Before taking admission in any university, please confirm with the admission department about your health insurance.

Health insurance options for California students

As now we all are aware of the importance of Health insurance for students.  Now the question is how one can have health insurance and what are the available options, So in this section, we will cover the available health insurance options for students in California.

There are 4 options available for student health insurance

1. Living with your parent’s insurance plan 

  •  If your age is under 26 and you are living with one or both of your parents in California this plan is for you. It is also known as Health insurance for students under 26. In this plan. According to his plan IF you are not a tax dependent or even if you are married and under age 26. Your parent’s health insurance will cover your health insurance in most of the cases. This plan is best for those students who are living in the state of California and attending college in the same state.
  • This plan is not a good option for those students who are going to attend their college in different states. California is a center of education, though some students cannot find suitable courses for them self so they had to leave the state. So if they feel sick or might have an accident, So, in this case, they have to leave their current city and move to another state for health checkups.
  • However, some students make this plan work by scheduling a doctor’s appointment on weekends. But in an emergency, this plan is not suitable for them. It is only suitable for those who are living and studying in the same state.

2. Student health insurance from the school

  • If you are not going with the first plan, then you should look for another option. The other option is that many schools provide health insurance for their students. The benefit of his plan is that you can pay your premium through a study loan. Typically this plan is for the students of age between 17-29.
  • There are some insurance companies who provide this plan, but they are only limited within the campus. So before buying any policy do confirm it with your admin office.

3. Buying health insurance on your own

  • If you don’t live with your parents and do not own their policy. If your university is not providing health insurance. At that time you had to buy health insurance on your own. The main advantage of this plan is that its coverage will travel with you where ever you go in the United States.
  • Major disadvantage 0f this plan is that you have to pay policy premiums from your own money and It is hard to earn money during college.

4. Buy health insurance through Medicaid

  • In the event that you are worried about paying for your medical coverage, there’s another basic choice to investigate: You might most likely get California understudy medical coverage through Medicaid. Medicaid is a bureaucratic and state government program expected to help individuals with restricted monetary assets acquire health care coverage. Before the entry of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid had been just accessible to a chosen few, however, it has since extended. Numerous states currently offer Medicaid to people who wouldn’t have recently qualified.


Those were the available options for health insurance in California for students.Choose wisely your health coverage because it is going to be your life and death matter at some point in life.


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